Porsche Venture On

The Project


Year: 2017

Production: Fenomenal Film/ Ivory Productions

Concept : Lauro Cress

DIR: Lauro Cress

DOP: Lauro Cress / Ivory Productions

Photography: Markus Altmann

The latest campaign for the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo, titled "Venture On," showcases our contribution of videos and photographs for Porsche's web special "Race Force One - A Masterpiece." In this captivating narrative, the young and talented composer JIMEK takes the most high-powered Panamera Sport Turismo for a spin on the racetrack. Overwhelmed by the exhilarating experience and finding words inadequate to express the surge of emotions, JIMEK turns to the universal language of music. He composes a piece that encapsulates the thrill, the speed, and the sheer joy of driving the Panamera Sport Turismo, translating the car's dynamic performance and elegance into a symphonic masterpiece. This campaign not only highlights the exceptional qualities of the Porsche Panamera ST but also illustrates the profound impact it has on those who have the privilege of experiencing its prowess, bridging automotive excellence and artistic expression.

Making Of