Client: LinkedIn

Agency: fischerAppelt / PUK

DIR: Fabian Carl

DOP: Jan Linnartz / Lorenz Weissfuss

Production: IVORY

Photography: Leopold Fiala

In our Content Creator Series, we had the opportunity to collaborate with an inspiring lineup of influencers: Leni Bolt, Kira Marie Cremer, Annika Reinke, Louisa Dellert, Nana Addison, and Luis Newton. Filmed in a studio, this series delves into a variety of topics crucial for career starters, including mindset, new benefits, career paths, and opportunities for career changers. Each episode is designed to offer valuable insights and advice to those just beginning their professional journeys, showcasing the diverse experiences and perspectives of our featured creators. This project highlights our commitment to producing content that not only informs and educates but also inspires the next generation of professionals.